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Create a great experience easily with product details, last-minute, or product category widgets.

Please take a closer look at some of our widgets down below.

Single day booking

Implement calendar widgets for article categories or directly on a product level. With this type of a website element, you offer your audience the best experience and build up your brand recognition.

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Multi day booking

As easy as single day booking is the handling of our multi day booking widget. The widget automatically detects your availability rules and occupancy. On top of the date picker you can add a time picker.

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Cart and checkout

With the cart and checkout extensions, your website becomes a go to place for user activation. Your audience gets a streamlined and customized journey that will be part of product experience.

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It’s also possible to show availabilities of your inventory without giving direct access to booking. That way you can give your customer a lookout but force him to contact you before booking.

Last minute overview

Give a simple overview over your last minute occupancy to fill the gaps in your schedule. You can offer only a few articles or a list of a category.

Article cards

Copy and paste widgets of your articles on any website and get bookings directly on your domain.

Just put the article widget where it belongs on your page and add the cart widget at the top to start.

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