Building the future of rental.

With your help we will democratize the world of rental worldwide by giving owners great tools and consumers the best possible experience to enjoy their bookings.

At the same time we want to make sure to have a positive impact on our environment and all people, to make our world a better place alltogether.

Let’s go and invent the world of tomorrow, working side by side!

We started our journey in 2017 and launched our MVP in 2018. Until now we ‘ve pushed over 1000 updates and keep improving our quality as well as performance every day. We are pashioned about technical innovations and at the same time use well known software paradigms.

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Software engineer

We are looking for a back-end engineer, preferable with pre-existing knowledge in Golang and SQL, as well as experience with AWS.

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B2B interfaces with consumer product usability and quality.

Building the best interfaces for the rental industry is our daily business and we love creating them. It’s challenging and rewarding at the same time, owing to the fact that our customer needs are broad and expectations high.

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Software engineer

We are looking for a full-stack engineer, preferable with pre-existing knowledge in Golang and React to build and improve our interfaces.

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We unfold the potential of every rental business with the best software solution for all booking channels and back-office applications to make work routines almost effortless and maximize exposure and conversion.


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